PLAYSaFE™ ‘Eco’ Recycled Rubber Mulch for Landscaping

Why use PLAYSaFE™ Rubber Mulch

  • Long lasting
  • Comes in various colours
  • Does not wash away in the rain
  • Does not blow away in the wind
  • Does not attract insect
  • Does not rot
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Versatile and customizable
  • Non- porous – prevents weed growth
  • Water and fertilizer can pass through
  • Provides good drainage and insulation
  • prevents wet soil run and the spread of soil debris
  • Non-toxic
  • inflammable


Where to use PLAYSaFE™ Rubber Mulch

Playgrounds and landscaping projects

Rubber mulch works well in creating a safe environment surrounding children’s playgrounds, play parks and pre-schools, when applied correctly. Traditionally Rubber Mulch has been used in landscaping in and around children’s playgrounds and play areas. Rubber Mulch is a wet mix that is poured directly on top of the soil surface; it is a quick and neat installation. This is a quick fix solution to reducing labor and time spent cleaning the direct area.

Landscaping architects and designers love to use our Rubber mulch as it creates a maintenance-free play area, neat and clean all year round. Rubber Mulch prevents the wood chips and soil from blowing around onto and into the surrounding surfaces.

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Rubber Mulch Rubber Mulch
Rubber Mulch Rubber Mulch