PLAYSaFE™ Playground EPDM Rubber

‘Playground’ EPDM Rubber is proud to be associated with Melos of Germany and to have been appointed as their exclusive distributor in Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Melos is the market leader in the production of coloured EPDM granules.

‘Playground’ EPDM Rubber is the most evolved rubber available on the market. It offers a remarkable variety of applications – from children’s playgrounds, athletic sports fields and tracks to retirement home safety flooring.


PLAYSaFE™ EPDM Infill Rubber for Synthetic Grass Landscaping and Sports Fields

PLAYSaFE™ EPDM Infill Rubber fulfils the standard environmental protection regulations. Our infill can be adjusted to be flame retardant thereby ensuring unlimited use of artificial turf inside and outside.

Our EPDM Infill Rubber, used with artificial turf, comes in two different grain sizes. The recommended standard granule size if 0.5 – 2.0mm EPDM ST15 and EPDM ST20, as well as INFILL COOL PLUS for significant surface temperature reduction.


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