PLAYSaFE™ Eco Recycled Rubber Installation and Applications

Who does the installation?

PLAYSaFE™ Eco Recycled Rubber Flooring systems can be installed by specifically trained and licensed applicators. Applicators are situated in all major centers in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands where Seamless Flooring Systems is represented.

Our application teams are dedicated to quick, neat and problem-free installations and are accustomed to construction site conditions.

Please contact (086 178 2789) to locate your nearest licensed applicator.

Alternatively, you may purchase PLAYSaFE™ Eco Recycled Rubber directly in kit form from Seamless Flooring Systems. Please call Sheralee Theron on 086 1782 789 for more details.

Become an applicator:

Please contact Seamless Flooring Systems on (086 178 2789) to locate your nearest licensed applicator for Eco Recycled Rubber Flooring.

How long does the installation take?

Mixed and laid on site, Eco Recycled Rubber Flooring systems are ready for traffic within 24 hours of application.

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