Seamless Flooring Systems acknowledges that it is imperative in our modern environment to reduce our carbon footprint in order to sustain a healthy outdoor environment.

There is no effective technology available to dispose of waste tires in an eco-friendly way. By recycling tires and using this problematic waste product, we not only reducing our carbon footprint, but create jobs as well.

By using ECORUBBA, we are conserving our natural resources and saving energy as it requires less energy to produce recycled products than new ones. Recycling rubber creates less air-pollution and saves water as the manufacturing process does not require water.

The same characteristics that make waste tires such a problem, also makes them one of the best re-used waste materials.

Our Recycled Rubber is washed and cleaned, has all fibers, steel belts and impurities removed and only the finest, cleanest rubber crumb is used in our floors. The end result is an Environmentally Friendly Recycled Rubber Floor which is incredibly tough, attractive and positive for our environment.

By recycling we create jobs in Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.